Ultimate Terpene Charts



Single Terpenes (Plant-Based and Hemp-Specific Terpenes)


Common cannabis terpenes are found in both marijuana and hemp plants (remember, hemp is a type of cannabis plant that is much lower in THC content than marijuana). Terpenes are potent, therapeutic, and essential to the entourage effect experienced from using cannabis products. This means terpenes work with CBD to benefit you! Reference our terpene charts below to learn what each common terpene does and decide which ones might work in your favor.

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Blended Terpenes (Strain-Specific Blends)

You can also use strain-specific terpenes for a partial entourage effect! If you have come to one of  our "How to CBD" workshops then you already know what we mean. If you didn't, don't worry. Use the chart below to understand more about what terpenes are found in some of the more popular cannabis strains. The strains listed in this chart are just a few of many cannabis strains. Don't forget, you can email us at info@refinepharmaceuticals.com to ask questions about your CBD health maintenance and how to incorporate terpenes into your CBD products. We will be carrying plant-based terpenes and broad-spectrum formulations at our CBD store soon, so stay tuned!

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